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Pool Spa, Swim Spas, and Exercise Spas : F-1439

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 Swim Spas Freestyle F-1439

6 Person Swim Spa with 37 Jets

Improve your health and lifestyle with the F1439 swim spa! This 14-foot spa can seat up to three adults and features a large swim zone against four adjustable SwimJet Propulsion System I™ jets. The power of the jets is perfect for bathers looking for a good workout as the swim jets keep them in place for treadmill swimming. Bathers who want a traditional spa experience will enjoy the vigorous sensation of 37 spa jets massaging key areas of their bodies. It’s easy to warm up and cool down after...


Dimensions:93" x 171 1/2" x 51"
Weight - Dry:1,800 (818 kg)
Weight - Wet/Filled:16,794 (7,617 kg)
Water Capacity: 1,800 (6,814 L)

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