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Pool Spa, Swim Spas, and Exercise Spas : F-1770 Dual Temperature

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Two Spas in one! 

Get the health benefits of a swimming pool when price and space requirements are a consideration. Less experienced swimmers or those recovering from injuries will enjoy the current provided by two adjustable Jetstream Propulsion System™ ribbon jets, making this swim spa ideal for teaching swimming techniques or for more casual aquatic exercise. Turn up the heat and start burning calories with the Boise Idaho Fitness Package. More than a swim spa, you can build your biceps, tighten your abs and increase your overall endurance as you perform curls, rows and several other upper body workouts. This unique spa accommodate up to seven people, so rest assured that everyone enjoys a soothing back massage. Speak with a local authorized dealer today! Swim Jets are available for a more powerful swim current--perfect for experienced swimmers.