Swim Spas and Excercise Pools

Affordable year around swimming

Swim spas have become very popular over the last 10 years. It is way to excercise year around that is easy on your joints, improves your  fitness, great cardio workout, rehabs injuries, relieves arthritic pain and is affordable. A swim spa takes up a small amount of room compared to a pool and can be used year around, no need to winterize a swim spa. With the rising cost of inground pools this is a great alternative, whether you are training for a tri-athelon or if you want to just float in a inner tube with your favorite beverage a swim spa is flexible to meet all your needs for excercise, relaxation and fun!

Idaho Spas has sold swim spas in Boise long before there recent surge in popularity. With all of years of experience and the largest selection of swim spas in the State  including. We will beat your expectations and you will get the best swim spa experience available. Give us a call and we will setup a time for you and your friends and family to take a swim. These swim spas are just fantastic!