Trouble shooting guide

Bring a sample of spa water (approx. 1 cup) to the store and we will test it free for you or follow the trobleshooting guide for immediate help.


Problem                                         Cause                                                  Solution


                                                   Excessive organic compounds                   Shock with oxidizer, check and               

                                                   or lack of sanitizer                                   adjust sanitizer level

Cloudy Water                                ph or total alkalinity out                           Test water adjust ph and alkalinity

                                                   of balance                                              with ph up or ph down

                                                   Dirty filter                                               Clean filter with filter clean

                                                   Calcium too high                                      Use scale defense on a weekly basis


Chalky, white                                High mineral content in water                     Use scale defense on a weekly basis

scale deposits                                Water out of balance                                Check water balance and adjust as            

(calcium deposits)                                                                                        necessary


Cloudy green water                        Low sanitizer level                                     Shock with oxidizer & adjust sanitizer 



Brown water                                   High iron or maganese                              Add metal protect and check

                                                     content                                                 ph levels


Odor                                               Excessive contaminants                            Shock and adjust sanitizer


Excessive foaming                              Buildup of body oils, cosmetics                Add foam down & oxidizer shock

                                                       detergents and hair gels                        Add calcium booster to obtain 150-400 ppm

                                                                                                                 or change water


Eye/skin                                            Chloramines or excessive                         Shock with oxidizer and adjust ph

irritation                                             organic contaminants


Scum deposits on                                 Oils, lotions and detergents                    Use Spa Perfect on weekly basis

waterline                                             buildup